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Ways to Donate

Help us support others

It is with time, talent and treasure (donations) that we are able to sustain our animal welfare operations. We graciously rely on donations, both monetary and in-kind, as well as the time donated by our volunteers, to support our programs and community outreach efforts. 

Individual Giving

Give one-time or a recurring donation. Donate to memorialize a special pet or to honor a loved one. If you are mailing a donation, please mail checks to: 3341 Vincent Road, Pleasant Hill CA 94523

Vehicle Donations

Donate your old car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV to CCHS for a tax deductible donation.

Emergency Medical and Special Needs Fund

Provide care to animals in need that might otherwise be harder to get adopted or be euthanized for a treatable health condition.

Workplace Giving

Employees can to donate a portion of their paycheck to eligible charitable organizations directly through payroll deduction. Employees can choose the amount they want to donate and select the charities they wish to support. The donations are deducted from their paycheck before taxes, which can provide tax benefits for the employee.

Matching Gift Programs

Many employers offer these programs where they match their employees’ charitable contributions up to a certain dollar amount or percentage. For example, if an employee donates $100 to a charity and their employer has a matching gift program with a 1:1 match, the employer will also donate $100 to the same charity, effectively doubling the impact of the employee’s donation.

Volunteer Grant Programs

Some employers also offer this type of  program where they make a monetary donation to a non-profit organization based on the number of hours an employee volunteers with that organization. Employees can log their volunteer hours, and once a certain threshold is reached, the employer will make a donation to the organization on their behalf.

Consult your place of employment on how to initiate the above two referenced giving options.

Donate to a Specific Program

Interested in contributing to a CCHS specific program? You can do so by visiting that program’s web page and clicking on the donate button. Your generous donation will be flagged for your program of choice.

Host a Drive

Do you have a family member who needs a service project? Or do you own a small business and wish to engage philanthropically with your clients? You can use your own collection method or arrange to pick up one of our CCHS collection barrels for a pet drive and support CCHS with the above items we are always in need of for our programs.

Facebook fundraising for special occasions

Let your friends honor your special day with a donation to CCHS. It’s easy to set up, just go to our Facebook page, Contra Costa Humane Society, and click on the Fundraisers tab near the top of the page (under our logo).  Click on “Raise Money,” set your fundraising goal and end date, then hit “Create.”

Get the word out!

Share information about CCHS with your friends and family on social media. Check out our upcoming events and plan to bring a friend. Our organization continues to grow and thrive based on the word of mouth praise we receive from our supporters like you!