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Dog & Puppy Program

We partner with Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) for our Shelter Dog Sunday School program where we are having a positive impact on dogs awaiting adoption. And, we encourage you to consider fostering one of these great dogs. Learn more!

Helping Shelter Dogs Thrive Through Walking, Training, and Socializing

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Though the shelter is closed to the public generally on Sundays, we are there every weekend for our Sunday School program. Our team of volunteers gets these dogs out of their kennel for a walk, some play time, light agility or confidence building, food puzzles, obedience training, and plenty of belly rubs. Our goal is to socialize the dogs with our team and allow them to decompress. Week after week we learn a lot about these dogs and are able to help develop their profiles with great photos and tidbits about their personalities. Our goal is to set the dogs up for a successful and lasting adoption.

Fill out a volunteer application today and indicate Dog Program. 

Check out our Sunday School dogs available for adoption. 

Special needs dogs and puppies

A dogs’ health does not exclude them from coming into our program. We are prepared to give both cats and dogs the medical attention they need to live long, healthy lives. Learn more about our Emergency & Special Needs Fund for these special situations.

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