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Planned & Legacy Giving

Did you know more and more donors are choosing “non-cash” vehicles to support nonprofits like ours? There are many ways to donate with a planned gift and in the future with a legacy gift. You can help us support animals in need while affording yourself a tax benefit.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Transfer appreciated stock and/or mutual funds directly to support capital gains for a federal income tax deduction for the current marketed value. Some state benefits may apply as well.

IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts — for supporters over 59.5 years of age or older, this is a great option to give up to $100,000 annually tax free. For supporters at least 73 years of age, there are required minimum distributions which can be gifted. 

Give from your established Donor Advised Fund (DAF).

Please seek the advice of your accountant or financial advisor for more information as circumstances vary by individual.

We make every effort to process gifts quickly and efficiently but these gift types can take some added time. If you are planning to make a year-end gift, we kindly ask that you initiate appropriate paperwork as early in December as possible.  Please email development@cchumane.org to begin steps.

Legacy Giving Opportunities

Naming Contra Costa Humane Society as one of your benefactors is a way to create a living legacy.  Here is some example language for your will, trust, or other legal documents:

(A) “I give $_______ to Contra Costa Humane Society, headquartered in  Pleasant Hill, CA, tax ID 68-0281428 for its ongoing programs and general use.”
(B)“I give the residual ______ % of my estate to Contra Costa Humane Society, headquartered in  Pleasant Hill, CA, tax ID 68-0281428 for ongoing programs and general use.”
(C)“If any of the above-named beneficiaries should predecease me, I hereby bequeath his or her share to Contra Costa Humane Society, a non-profit charitable organization tax ID 68-0281428 with offices in Pleasant Hill, CA for ongoing programs and general use.”
(D)“I hereby leave (amount spelled out)(in number form) to the non-profit organization known as Contra Costa Humane Society (Tax ID 68-0281428) currently located in Pleasant Hill, CA to be used for its ongoing programs and general use.

Other options for consideration also include naming CCHS as beneficiary on a personal insurance policy, IRA and/or bank account. 

CCHS provides the above language as guidance for your use. All language and terms noted in a legal document should be reviewed by legal counsel. 

To further discuss and initiate one of the above gifts, please email development@cchumane.org today to connect with our Development team.