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Cat and Kitten Program

CCHS supports cats and kittens of all ages through a variety of fostering opportunities, partnership with Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) and Kitty Corner — our free-roam area representing a home-like environment where potential adopters can spend time with the cats and kittens in a relaxed setting. Our felines have a home with us in our Kitty Corner environment until the right family is found. 

Kitty Corner free roaming cats and toys

Cats and kittens all have different needs based on age, health and social levels. We are committed to eliminating viable kitten euthanasia and are proud to be a part of the Best Friends Society “No Kill 2025” initiative.   

  • Neonate Kittens (0 days to 5 weeks) — This age group of kittens is the most critical to save from shelters as they need full time, round the clock care. We recruit fosters to support this kitten population in their homes and provide training and supplies. 
  • Weaned Kittens (5-12 weeks) — This age group generally can eat on their own, yet still needs attention from a foster to ensure healthy growth and socializing. Once spay/neuter is completed (typically around 10-12 weeks of age) kittens then transfer to Kitty Corner and are made available for adoption.
Young kittens
  • Adult cats (six months and older) — We are proud to rescue adult cats at various ages and partner with CCAS to take in cats which might be running out of time and bring them to Kitty Corner to be made available through our adoption and care program. 
  • Hospice cats — Kitty Corner is home to those cats who need to live out their lives in comfort and love while they receive medical treatment.
  • Special needs cats and kittens — An animals’ health needs does not exclude them from coming into our program. We are prepared to give animals the medical attention they need to live long, healthy lives. Learn more about our Emergency & Special Needs Fund for these special situations.

We cannot do what we do for cats and kittens without supportive volunteers. Learn more about fostering and/or volunteering in Kitty Corner, among other opportunities.

Visit Cats & Kittens for a full list of our adoptable cats.

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