Cute kitten peering over blanket

Emergency Medical and Special Needs Fund

Our Emergency Medical and Special Needs Fund was started in 2013 in honor of Phinny, a beloved pitbull mix in need of surgery to repair his jaw, the bones of which had fused together after being hit with a baseball bat, leaving him incapable of opening his mouth. Because of the generosity of our community, Phinny was able to have this life-saving surgery.

With your support, CCHS is able to provide care to animals in need that might otherwise be harder to get adopted or be euthanized for a treatable health condition. Our priority at CCHS is to focus on animal quality of life, which at times can come with a hefty price tag. We are committed to getting animals in our care the medical attention they need so they can go on to live healthy, fulfilling lives. 

montage of 5 cats that benefited from funds

Your support helped treat Lillian and Moo, to name just a few, of the special care we provided over the years. Lillian had  severe tongue lacerations and inflamed gums which were causing her pain. She underwent oral surgery to surgically repair her lacerated tongue and extract 18 teeth.  Lillian’s diagnosis, pain management and surgery cost nearly $9,000.  Moo, a sweet puppy that developed breathing issues shortly after arriving to foster, needed to have his nasal passageways repaired as they were blocked, likely due to trauma at some point in his short life. We made sure Moo got the medical attention needed, and shortly after was adopted.

Your donation to the Emergency Medical and Special Needs Fund enables CCHS to continue this program and help more animals in the future.

Please consider donating to the Emergency and Special Needs Fund!