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About Us

Our Vision

A world where all animals are cared for, respected and loved.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for dogs and cats in our community, find homes for animals in need and provide support for people who need assistance with care for their animals. 

Our History

Contra Costa Humane Society was established in 1991 as the result of the merging of two former longstanding Contra Costa County animal welfare groups — Stop Pets’ Annual Yield (SPAY) and Animal Protection Bureau (APB). 

Since its formation, CCHS has been in a few locations around the East Bay and in Fall 2023, we expanded our office space to accommodate our growing programs. Kitty Corner, our free-roam space for cats and kittens in our program, doubled in size in 2023, enabling us to rescue more animals! Our space can house up to 25 adult cats in our “big room”, plus a dozen kittens between two smaller rooms. We have a quiet room to provide isolation if needed or use for acclimating a cat or kitten not quite ready to join the others in Kitty Corner. A special space is also available for hospice cats and kittens where we can provide the comfort of home and give special medical attention while in our care.

Kitty Corner also serves as office space for our staff team and work space for our volunteers who support three daily shifts serving our four-legged residents. We are incredibly thankful for over 100 volunteers that help keep Kitty Corner residents fed, socialized and loved, while also cleaning and sanitizing the space, preparing laundry and helping CCHS thrive.

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2023 Annual Report

Download our Annual Report.

We are not affiliated with, nor funded by, any state, county or government agency nor the Humane Society of the United States. We are 100% funded through donations, fundraising and grants, and strive to support the Contra Costa municipal shelter, pet owners and animals within our county.