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All animals on this page are part of our Sunday School Dog Program and available for adoption through Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS).

Can’t adopt but want to help? Consider fostering one of these great dogs now!

Learn more about CCAS adoption policies, including adoption fees here. Click on each picture below for an expanded description and detail on these great animals, including application next-steps.


Male, Approx 1 year old. Blake is likely a hound dog mix. In spite of recovering from a broken pelvis, he doesn’t let that slow him down! Blake is a friendly guy who…


Female, 8 months, Approx 26lb Chandon has a lot of puppy wiggles to work out and once she does, she wants to cuddle.  A lot.  Chandon loves stuffie toys and to chew on…


Male, 4 years old. Cobalt is a handsome husky that exudes confidence and comfort in his surroundings. This guy loves to hang out and play with a good stuffie. Handsome…


Male, 52 pounds, approximately 1 year old. Eric is exuberant coming out of the kennel but once he’s out he does really well on  leash. He can pull a bit, but he actually…


Holden was a Sunday School favorite because he is both fun and goofy but also sweet and affectionate. He has a great disposition and loves splashing with his ball in the…


Male, 2 years old. Jonas looks like a tough guy, but has a soft spot for stuffies, especially a certain green Hippo that is his best buddy. Jonas is up for whatever…


Female, 53lbs, 2 years. This sweet girl loves a good cuddle!  oh, and loves water and digging in the pool.  It’s so cute to watch Lily have fun but be prepared for a wet…

Lobster Roll

Male, 15lbs, Approx 5-7 years old. When Lobster attended the June Brew Fest in Walnut Creek he was perfectly behaved and loved the atmosphere! He enjoyed all the smells…

Mahi Mahi

Male, approximately 1 year old. Mahi Mahi would be great for someone who wants puppy vibes but doesn’t want to start at the very beginning. This boy is sweet as pie and…


Female, 72 pounds, approximately 7 years old. Marley is not your typical husky – this girl is all about human interaction and her eyes seem to say “I will snuggle on the…


Male, Approx 11 months, 60lbs. Max is a beautifully marked husky with a lot of puppy still in him.  He loves to play and is learning how to keep all four feet in forward…

Mint Chip

Male, 73 lbs, Husky, Alaskan / Malamute, Alaskan. Age, 1 year, 4 mos. Volunteers describe him as playful, happy and great on leash. Favorite things: play fetch and loves…


Male, Approx 1 year. Raider’s head is big but his heart is bigger.  This guy is a big cuddler and loves to play!  Bring out your biggest, toughest toys and he will show…


5 years old, female, 44lbs This sweet little cocoa bean is sure to win you over with her soulful eyes and affectionate disposition and wants for cuddle time.  She…


Male, 5 years, 88lbs. Saturn is a handsome, laid back guy who loves nothing better than a cool pool, shade, and a belly rub on a hot day. This guy loves to interact with…


Female, spayed, under 1 year. Skittles is a puppy in a teenagers’ body! She’s super smart and quick to learn new tricks and commands. She just wants to please and is…

Though we make every effort to keep this page updated, dogs and puppies may get adopted quickly. The available dogs and puppies listing on the CCAS website will generally always have the most up-to-date information regarding animal availability.

Fargo, a husky mix


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Hendricks, a male, black and brown Rottweiler mix


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Bernie a shepard mix dog


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Sharky, a male, sable German Shepherd Dog mix


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Hardy, a mellow pit mix


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Mac Daddy, a male, red and white Pit Bull Terrier

Mac Daddy

Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Luigi, male, chocolate and white Labrador Retriever mix


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Vespa, a male, black and white Border Collie mix


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Beru, a female, white and black Dogo Argentino and American Pit Bull Terrier


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Frank, a male, white and tan Pit Bull Terrier


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

Red, a male, tan and white Pit Bull Terrier


Sunday School and CCAS Alumni

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