Warm Weather

A California law, SB 1806, which passed January 1, 2007, makes it a misdemeanor to leave an animal unattended inside a closed vehicle in any condition that could endanger the animal.  A fine of a minimum of $100, imprisonment in a county jail, or both may be imposed on any violator.

Even ten minutes could be too long for a pet left in the car on a hot day.  By then, the temperature inside the car could reach 160 degrees.  That’s hot enough to cause a dog to suffer heat stroke.  Within moments, it could sustain permanent brain damage.  If emergency care is not given, your pet could die.

The short stop you plan to make at the store could stretch to 15 minutes or more before you know it.  Your mistake could cost your dog its life.  Leaving the windows cracked won’t cool the car enough to protect your pet.

Of course your dog would like to go with you everywhere, but when the weather turns warm, better park your pet at home.

Courtesy of:
American Humane Association, 63 Inverness Drive East, Englewood, CO 80112, 303/792-9900