Sassy and Nala

Sassy and Nala are two sister kitties who are very sweet and lovable.

Sassy (solid gray and white tabby) is a little bit shy at first. When Sassy runs to greet her humans, her belly sways back and forth because she’s a little chubby. It’s super funny. She is on a renal diet to keep her healthy.

Nala (striped gray and white tabby) is a very friendly cat. She likes to have her belly rubbed and to lay in the sun. Sassy likes laying next to her person on the couch while Nala enjoys laying on her person’s lap.

Nala and Sassy sleep on their blankets on the couch next to each other. Sassy is on a renal diet due to stones she had very young; she’s been healthy ever since. Nala eats the same food, well…because Sassy does! Nala and Sassy would like to stay together in their new furever home. They are around 6 years old, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.

Sassy, a gray tuxedo cat
Nala, a tabby cat