Emergency Pet Preparedness

An emergency situation can arise in the blink of an eye.  There are steps you can take to prepare your pet for an emergency beforehand, such as ensuring that your animal has a registered microchip, is licensed, spayed/neutered and current on vaccines.

In addition, we advise pet owners to prepare a simple pet emergency kit in advance.  Some helpful items to include in your kit are:

  • Spare food and water bowls
  • Water and a minimum 10-day supply of food
  • A current photo of your pet in case he or she becomes lost
  • A current photo of you with your pet to help establish ownership
  • A spare collar, leash and harness, preferably with light reflectors
  • A carrier or crate
  • A blanket or jacket
  • A copy of your pet’s latest vaccines and health information
  • Any medications your pet may be taking
  • Your pet’s license number and/or microchip number
  • Plastic bags for clean up
  • A first aid kit to be assembled with the assistance of your vet, including Ace bandages and antibiotic ointment[

Other tips include:

  • Preparing pre-made LOST fliers with your pets’ information and giving some to friends, family & neighbors beforehand
  • Placing an “In Case of Emergency – Pets Inside” sticker in a front-door window of your home as well as a car window

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