Category: Dogs and Puppies

  • Remy


    5 years old, female, 44lbs This sweet little cocoa bean is sure to win you over with her soulful eyes and affectionate disposition and wants for cuddle time.  She absolutely loves treats/food and will politely sit to accept treats from your hand. Remy appears to be dog-friendly, offering soft gazes and tail wags at dogs…

  • Blake


    Male, Approx 1 year old. Blake is likely a hound dog mix. In spite of recovering from a broken pelvis, he doesn’t let that slow him down! Blake is a friendly guy who loves to play and has the cutest little kangaroo hop when doing so. His favorite toys are squeaky toys and he likes…

  • Chandon


    Female, 8 months, Approx 26lb Chandon has a lot of puppy wiggles to work out and once she does, she wants to cuddle.  A lot.  Chandon loves stuffie toys and to chew on just about anything.  And that smile!  If you are looking for a happy puppy that just wants your love, Chandon is the…

  • Snoball


    Male. For a guy that had a rough start roaming the streets of Pacheco, Snoball is ready to go with his best life.  His current favorite activity is figuring out how to get all 4 long legs into a full gallop to perfect his running ability and if there is a ball to chase at…

  • Lily


    Female, 53lbs, 2 years. This sweet girl loves a good cuddle!  oh, and loves water and digging in the pool.  It’s so cute to watch Lily have fun but be prepared for a wet hug when she’s done!  This girl loves to run and needs a securely fenced yard that she can call her own.

  • Saturn


    Male, 5 years, 88lbs. Saturn is a handsome, laid back guy who loves nothing better than a cool pool, shade, and a belly rub on a hot day. This guy loves to interact with people on slow walks and is a great listener. Saturn is fairly neutral with other dogs and just likes to hang…

  • Max


    Male, Approx 11 months, 60lbs. Max is a beautifully marked husky with a lot of puppy still in him.  He loves to play and is learning how to keep all four feet in forward motion without tripping.  Like most puppies, Max is a big fan of toys, especially a particularly squeaky pig that is his…

  • Lobster Roll

    Lobster Roll

    Male, 15lbs, Approx 5-7 years old. When Lobster attended the June Brew Fest in Walnut Creek he was perfectly behaved and loved the atmosphere! He enjoyed all the smells, and saying hello to people and to dogs both big and small. He seemed unphased by all the activity and noise. He’s a very friendly fellow…

  • Raider


    Male, Approx 1 year. Raider’s head is big but his heart is bigger.  This guy is a big cuddler and loves to play!  Bring out your biggest, toughest toys and he will show you what he’s all about. Raider is super handsome, beautiful markings and can actually be quite calm. He just needs a big…

  • Tortilla


    Male, 49 lbs, Approx 1 year. Don’t let looks deceive you, Tortilla is actually a lap dog (we aren’t going to tell him he’s too big, are you?). This boy is just a typical fun-loving bully who loves to play in short spurts and then chill in the shade with a favorite stuffie.