Category: Courtesy Listings

  • Chloe


    Chloe is a 5-year-old female pit bull terrier. She is an absolute lovebug and would make a wonderful addition to a new family. Chloe has a sweet demeanor, is excellent with children and loves attention. Plus, she is good around small dogs, cats and rabbits.

  • Sassy and Nala

    Sassy and Nala

    Sassy and Nala are two sister kitties who are very sweet and lovable. Sassy (solid gray and white tabby) is a little bit shy at first. Nala (striped gray and white tabby) is a very friendly cat. Sassy likes laying next to her person on the couch while Nala enjoys laying on her person’s lap.…

  • Crispin & Nigel

    Crispin & Nigel

    This bonded duo is looking for a new loving home. Crispin and Nigel are 1 years old and super affectionate with their humans. Crispin is an active and curious cat who will take the lead, and he likes interactive playtime with his humans and places to explore. Nigel loves playing pounce with his toys, play-wrestling…

  • Karma and Chaos

    Karma and Chaos

    Karma and Chaos are two incredibly sweet, cuddly, and playful sister kitties. They are a bonded pair – just shy of two years old, and each with their own, adorable personalities.  Karma (black) is a social butterfly and will want to get to know you right from the start. She is fearless and loves meeting new people. Chaos (white and grey) is…

  • Dolce and Luna

    Dolce and Luna

    Dolce is a sweet and loving 5-year old male cat that loves attention and cuddles. Luna is a sweet and shy 5-year old female cat. She grew up with her brother Dolce.

  • Mia


    Mia is a young female tabby kitty who will be a devoted companion to her new guardian for life. Mia is at least 2 years old. Actual age not known as she was found as a stray without any ID – and was pregnant.  Mia loves to play with cat toys and ping pong balls. She is well-behaved,…

  • Shadow


    Shadow is a shy quiet cat we rescued from a fire in the fall of 2020. She integrated with the home tribe (3 other cats, one large dog and one young child) very well and was loving of scritches and petting. Over the last 6 months, two of the cats began to bully her away…