My 12 year old daughter had wanted a pit bull for quite some time but my husband and I were hesitant about it with their reputation. My daughter found an adorable picture of Lexi online, only 3 months old, so I figured she probably didn’t have any behavior issues yet. We inquired about her and her foster mom assured me that she didn’t have a mean bone in her body. So we gave her a try and she most definitely is a sweetheart. She just doesn’t realize how big she is and wants our two little terriers to play with her, but they keep her in line even though she’s 5 times their size. Anyway, our entire family has fallen in love with her (well except for one of the terriers, but he has his own issues). We are so glad we adopted her, and I have a whole new attitude towards pits now 🙂 Thank you to all the volunteers that work together to find homes for animals that don’t have one, and especially to Melissa for doing so much for them.