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Courtesy Listings

If you are interested in any of the animals listed on this page please reach out to rehoming@cchumane.org

Chloe and Simba

Chloe was rescued with her siblings at 4-5 weeks from a front yard. Chloe is a sweet, playful girl and was the smallest of her litter. While she may be small, she’s mighty and never backs down from a wrestling match with her brothers. She’s mostly independent and doesn’t need a lot of cuddle time, but she will come over for pets and sit in your lap when she wants attention. She loves freeze dried chicken treats, and her favorite toys are little stuffed catnip toys she can carry around and chew on. Chloe is very curious and likes to observe and be involved in anything a person is doing.

Simba and his siblings were rescued from a front yard at 4-5 weeks old. Simba is the biggest of the group and loves acting like the “older” brother; he’ll likely end up being a pretty big boy when he’s grown. He is an energetic, smart, curious kitten. He loves to climb cat trees and wrestle with his siblings. While he’s mostly independent, he comes over to snuggle and get pets often. He especially likes his chin/neck scratched. Simba loves freeze dried chicken treats and has come to expect them often. His favorite toys are the spring toys he can bat around, throw and chase after. He’s very smart and loves to observe anything a person is doing. 
Ideally it would be wonderful if. Simba and his sister Chloe were adopted together, but he would be good as a second cat or only cat, as long as his person gives him lots of attention through play.

To meet Chloe and Simba please contact Chriss at Rehoming@cchumane.org


Buddy is an easy going sweet guy whose needing to move from the city life to a home with space he can roam. He would prefer to be the only pup in the house and loves to lounge and be around his people (just not other dogs!)

To meet Buddy please contact Chriss at rehoming@cchumane.org


Mia is a young female tabby kitty who will be a devoted companion to her new guardian for life. Mia is at least 2 years old. Actual age not known as she was found as a stray without any ID – and was pregnant.  Mia loves to play with cat toys and ping pong balls. She is well-behaved, enjoys sitting in laps, is highly intelligent, and uses her litter box without any problems. She LOVES people, even strangers. However, at present she is extremely uncomfortable with other cats. Mia’s current guardian has 3 cats of her own. Mia needs to be the only cat in the house. She is so deserving of a good home where she can be the only feline – and in turn, you will be rewarded with love, affection, amusing feline entertainment, and companionship. To meet Mia, Please contact Chriss at rehoming@cchumane.org

Karma and Chaos

Karma and Chaos are two incredibly sweet, cuddly, and playful sister kitties. They are a bonded pair – just shy of two years old, and each with their own, adorable personalities. 

Karma (black) is a social butterfly and will want to get to know you right from the start. She is fearless and loves meeting new people. Chaos (white and grey) is a little more cautious at the beginning, but she will never get bored of playing fetch with her favorite mouse toys once she becomes comfortable enough to play. Her sweet personality will make you fall in love with her by the time she warms up to you, which won’t take long. They both love to explore, and their curiosity is unrivaled. 

They would do best in a home with humans who want to play with them often. They do well with lots of mental stimulation – interactive toys, windows to look out of, and bonding activities with their humans are a few of their favorite things! They spend lots of their time relaxing during the day, watching what’s happening outside between their kitty naps. They will adopt the sleep schedule of the humans they bond with, and they would make a wonderful addition to any household that wants the sweetest, cuddliest, most playful kitties ever.

Please contact Chriss at rehoming@cchumane.org


Bella is a 4YO Mastiff Mix who we affectionately call ‘Horse Dog’. She is a big girl, but incredibly gentle with people and kids. She is always excited when you get home. Eager to give you a kiss, a paw, or a hug, if you let her! She sometimes doesn’t realize how big she is though and so you’ll need to be mindful that if you’re not expecting Bella’s love, she might sweep you off your feet! 

Bella is housebroken and typically stays in one room when left alone at home. If you don’t want her on a sofa though, you may have to close the door for that room.  She just knows a comfortable spot when she sees one!

When not out on a walk, Bella will typically spend her day sleeping next to you. She does love to fetch ball though, play tug of war, or chew on a good toy. Oh and don’t forget belly rubs and but scratches. She goes crazy for those! So much so, that you’ll get a smile!

Bella does not typically get along with other dogs/animals. She was great at the dog park until about a year ago. We don’t know exactly why, but she suddenly became picky about which dogs she likes and which ones she doesn’t. She’s never hurt another animal or person, but when walking Bella, it’s best to cross the street if another dog is near. This behavior could likely be trained. Bella is very food motivated and will respond to the right commands.

The best fit for Bella would be a home, with older kids, and an owner who has time to give her long walks or hikes. She loves the outdoors!

Please contact Chriss at rehoming@cchumane.org


Shadow is a shy quiet cat we rescued from a fire in the fall of 2020. She integrated with the home tribe (3 other cats, one large dog and one young child) very well and was loving of scritches and petting.
Over the last 6 months, two of the cats began to bully her away from lookout spots and litter boxes, which has resulted in her being even more reclusive and over grooming, causing a loss of fur in the areas she can reach. We’ve done what we can to make her life better, but feel now is best for her to move to a new home to improve her quality of life. Please reach out and help us give her a better option. 

To meet Shadow, email Chriss at rehoming@cchumane.org

Dolce and Luna

Dolce is a sweet and loving 5-year old male cat that loves attention and cuddles. He is very playful and active and loves treats and catnip. He is outgoing and approachable and enjoys spending time with humans and his sister Luna. He is an indoor cat, declawed and great with kids. He spends a lot of time in bed and prefers to sleep under covers.

Luna is a sweet and shy 5-year old female cat. She grew up with her brother Dolce. She is declawed and an indoor cat. She is active and loves sleeping under the bed. Once acclimated, she gets more comfortable around the family, and builds a special bond with her person.

Please contact Chriss at rehoming@cchumane.org


Meet Siggy – short for Sigmund Freud! He is a snuggly, cuddle-loving and an easygoing American Tuxedo kitty. His three favorite things are chicken, fish, and evening cuddles on the couch or in  bed. For most of his life, he was slow to warm but those who give him time to approach them are rewarded with endless snuggles. He is 8 years old and has been an indoor cat his entire life so he can use the litter box but he does need help from an automatic feeder to control meal portions since he is known to eat more than he needs if food is available (feeder can be provided). He is an indoor cat and has lived his whole life with his brother so he has been around only once cat. A new home without other pets and with mature children/teens would be ideal.  Finding a new home is the last option but one that will allow Siggy to share his love with another amazing family. Best suited for calm and relaxing lifestyles but is used to being left home for long periods without any issues.

Please contact Chriss at rehoming@cchumane.org