Without a doubt I know that my new kitten was a gift from God. God knew that Danny and I needed each other. I had recently lost my cat and companion of 13 years, Dexter. He had Cancer and I had to say goodbye. It was one the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. My friend Mary is a Vet Tech and knew a woman named Denise who was fostering some kittens. Mary posted a picture of Danny on my Facebook page. He was very photogenic wearing his tuxedo and all. I decided to visit the foster home. There I met other kittens and an older cat. Danny who was named “Rudder” (he has a kinked tail) at the time, came right up to me being very lovable. He was a friendly, social and had a very loud purr motor. I knew he was the one. Danny has only been with me for 3 weeks, but it seems as if we have been together longer. He is smart, lovable, playful and oh so cuddly. We are very happy together. I thank God and I thank his foster mother Denise for loving him and socializing him after his rescue. Denise has a great big heart for animals and I admire her for that.