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Phinny Fund Recipients

Because of the many generous donors who’ve contributed to the Phinny Fund for Emergency Medical and Special Needs Animals, many dogs and cats in need of specialized medical or behavioral care have been given the chance to find a forever home.  Below are some of our most recent recipients!

The amazing dog who started it all, Phinny:

BeloveUntitled-design1d Pitbull mix, Phinny, was found at a local public shelter after being brought in by a concerned member of the public.  She’d seen Phinny wandering the streets, underweight and scrounging, and offered him some dry food, but quickly realized that he wasn’t able to open his mouth at all to eat it despite what surely was immense hunger.  After being brought to the shelter, xrays confirmed that Phinny’s jaw bone had been fused shut, leaving him unable to open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, or even offer a kiss.  Damage was extensive to the left side of his face and despite desperately wagging his tail, he wouldn’t survive without immediate care.

CCHS heard his story and knew we couldn’t let him leave this world without being able to give the kisses he so clearly wanted to give, so into a caring foster home he went.  He was syringe-fed a wet food “slop” mixture while visits with specialists confirmed what others had also indicated: Phinny appeared to have been struck in the face with something that appeared to resemble a baseball bat, shattering his bones, and even more heartbreaking, he was left with his injuries for so long that his jawbones had actually fused together, leaving him in the predicament in which we found him.

The “Help Phinny Kiss Campaign” ensued, and thanks to the amazing generosity of donors all over California and as far away as Alaska, close to $14,000 was raised for Phinny to have the very successful surgery and after-care he needed to survive.  He’s now a happy, playful, affectionate, incredibly loving dog who spends every moment kissing everyone he meets.  His happy-ending wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many!