A year and 2 months ago, My Fiancé at the time and I had just moved into our new apartment, we decided that it would be perfect for us to get a friend from the Contra Costa Humane Society.
This is where we met Mocha, My Now wife and I fell in love from the moment we saw him.
He has brightened up our lives and he is not just a dog or a friend to us, he’s family , he was there with us to celebrate our wedding as well as many other important events.
We love him unconditionally , he was perfect for us from the beginning , We couldn’t have been luckier to find him.
He is 2 years old, has a younger brother
Named Milo who is currently a kitty, they get along great.
Mocha loves sniffing around, going on walks, and cuddling all day long!
We have had him for only one year, but we are beyond exited to see what the future holds in store for our little family .
Michael, Manuela, Milo and Mocha Davis .