Lobster Roll

Male, 15lbs

Approx 5-7 years old

When Lobster attended the June Brew Fest in Walnut Creek he was perfectly behaved and loved the atmosphere! He enjoyed all the smells, and saying hello to people and to dogs both big and small. He seemed unphased by all the activity and noise.

He’s a very friendly fellow and would enjoy having a doggie playmate. Even though he has a malformed paw, he does really well getting around. He enjoys his morning zoomies in the living room and walks well on leash (although a little slower pace) and is becoming more confident as he gets familiar with the neighborhood. He does well in his crate and often goes in there to hang out. He has only recently learned that when he is in the crate with the door open, he can walk out of it on his own! Lobster does great with baths, and is very good at sharing toys and space with the resident pitbull at his foster home. He has no resource guarding or jealous tendencies and rides well in the car. He’s a very content and happy fellow. Lobster is slowly learning that not all vertical surfaces are meant to be pee’d on…it seems he is mostly housebroken, but not sure if he was let outside on a regular basis in his previous life. But he is very good at wearing his belly band when he comes inside, and even waits at the door to put it on. The real bonus is that he is learning to tell his foster when he wants to go out. So until he is fully housetrained, wearing his belly band is a very easy solution. Lobster Roll is a sweet and easy dog to have around, and will only continue to blossom as he settles into his routine and familiar surroundings.

See Lobster Roll’s full bio and/or visit Contra Costa Animal Services at 4800 Imhoff Place in Martinez during business hours to meet her! Interested in completing an adoption application? Use his name and ID #, A1018430, in the appropriate field.